Jerome School District
Jerome, Idaho
Thursday, February 15, 2018
Pay Type: 
Monday - Friday

The Jerome School District understands the extra demands placed on special educators by required IDEA paperwork, and we provide stipends to our special education staff as a relief.

 Maintain accurate special education records according to IDEA.
 Meet and instruct students at designated times and locations.
 Establish and maintain standards of student behavior.
 Maintain the physical environment of the classroom for organization and presentation purposes.
 Maintain inventory of equipment and supplies.
 Follow curriculum, instruction and assessment practices as approved by the Board of Trustees.
 Plan curriculum, lessons, special education programs and teaching methods to facilitate the education of children with learning, emotional, and behavioral needs while utilizing consultation, inclusion, group instruction and individual learning systems.
 Evaluate student progress based on student work, test scores, observation and experience; communicate the findings to everyone involved with the child and suggest alterative diagnosis as necessary.
 Participate in case conferences concerning individual students and maintain all required records.
 Participate in curriculum, developmental programs and student activities.
 Complete appropriate reporting requirements in a timely manner.
 Evaluate and suggest revisions to the program, as needed.
 Any other duties as directed by the Building Administrator and/or Director of Special Education.
 Case manage IEP processes.
 Follow district and state special education guidelines and procedures.

 Valid Idaho Certificate with Standard Exceptional Child Endorsement.
 Documentation (HOUSSE Rubric and/or Praxis Exam) of Highly Qualified for the position.
 Ability to perform duties in accordance with general educational ethical requirements of the Jerome School District and the State Department of Education

Apply online: - district tab, employment opportunities.