State of Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Friday, May 19, 2017
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Are you ready for a new adventure? Are you interested in working for the largest State Government agency in Oregon? Are you a tech-savvy professional with an interest in communicating with clients through online channels? If the answer to all these questions is YES, but of course! Then we would like to meet you!!

The Oregon Department of Human Services, Office of Human Resources, within the Workforce Recruitment Unit are accepting resumes for a Summer (Mid-June through August 31st) Social Media Internship. We are looking for a talented intern to create and maintain a strong online presence for to implement online marketing strategies through social media accounts.

This position will have a flexible work schedule. Work schedule specifics will be determined at time of interview.

Application Instructions:

Email Resume and Cover Letter to:

Your resume should indicate your experience with social media (paid or non-paid), and your enrollment in an under graduate degree program or graduate degree.
In your cover letter (one page), please tell us why you would like to intern with the Oregon Department of Human Services and what you would hope to gain from the experience.


Relationship Building
Knowledge of the Field
New skills for your resume
Time management skills
Understanding of your future career goals

The Oregon Department of Human Services is is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to a diverse workforce.

A summer internship is an opportunity to test drive a career without making any serious commitments. It's your chance to see what it would really be like to work in a particular industry, and whether you're a great fit. And, perhaps most importantly, a good internship provides you with experiences, lessons, and tools you'll need to get a full-time gig in the future.

What does a social media coordinator do?

As a Social media coordinator, you will develop original content and suggest creative ways to attract more customers and promote our brand. Ultimately, you should be able to increase web traffic and customer engagement metrics aligned with broader marketing strategies.
As an Intern, your responsibilities will be:

Research audience preferences and discover current trends
Create engaging text, image and video content
Design posts to sustain readers' curiosity and create buzz around new products
Measure web traffic
Stay up-to-date with changes in all social platforms ensuring maximum effectiveness
Train co-workers to use social media in a cohesive and beneficial way
Report on online reviews and feedback from customers and fans
Develop an optimal posting schedule, considering web traffic and customer engagement metrics
Oversee social media accounts' layout
Suggest new ways to attract prospective customers, like promotions and competitions

To qualify for this position the successful candidate will be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program or a graduate degree program. Desired areas of study include Marketing, New Media or relevant field.

Requested Skills

Expertise in multiple social media platforms (Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, LinkedIn)
Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video)
Familiarity with online marketing strategies and marketing channels
Ability to gasp future trends in digital technologies and act proactively
Excellent communication skills
Multitasking and analytical skills

Job Work Study Eligible: