Eugene, OR
Friday, May 19, 2017
Pay Type: 
Summer 2017

About this Job
Want to have a job set up for the Fall term? JoyRun is a Silicon Valley venture-funded start up recruiting Student Leaders who are involved on campus (in Greek life, clubs, sports teams, etc.) to help launch at the University of Oregon. Work a minimum of 5-10 hours in the Summer remotely. Hours will increase to 10-15 in the Fall when your campus officially launches! Apply through Hire A Duck or apply online at:

About JoyRun
JoyRun makes food delivery the best possible experience for students. We are a venture funded, Silicon Valley startup innovating local delivery with a community first philosophy. We connect students with each other making access to food anytime, anywhere efficient and easy. Whether it is study snacks late at night before a final or just a casual meal with friends, JoyRun makes it happen! We allow you to make money doing things that you are already doing. Be the first to innovate with us!

As a Student Leader you will:
- Receive hands on training with Guerrilla Marketing techniques to drive viral adoption of a crowdsourced product
- Gain valuable Sales & Business Development experience while marketing JoyRun, driving metrics, and launching a new product on your campus
- Refine communication skills, collaborate on a team, and step into a leadership role that focuses on developing your personal campus network
- Share your passion for JoyRun and your community with fellow students, local businesses, and even complete strangers
- Make every part of the business your own through marketing, event execution, delivery of the product, and everything in between
- Make money, gain valuable professional experience, and earn the opportunity to move up and grow with a start-up!

Strong written and verbal communication
Organization and Time Management
Intimate knowledge of their university campus
Friendly, open and approachable
Product Knowledge
Competent problem solving ability
Ability to provide 5-10 hours commitment in Summer 2017 (remote)
Ability to provide 10-15 hours/week commitment in Fall 2017
A means of transportation - car preferred
Freshmen roles are also available!

Apply through Hire A Duck or apply online at

Job Work Study Eligible: