Creating Options
Eugene/Springfield and surrounding community
Friday, May 19, 2017
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Creating Options is seeking 2 part-time employees interested in learning about all the aspects of community based support services to adults who experience various disabilities.

Creating Options is a woman-owned, locally operated small business, and you would also have opportunities to learn about the entrepreneurial side (business management) of community based social service delivery models.

We provide paid training. There are many aspects to this position. The successful applicant will possess skills around identifying and participating in various community activities and events, providing emotional support and general problem-solving around a myriad of day-to-day situations that our clients experience. Our clients are people who live in the community, work in the community, and set the tone and direction for how they expect services to be delivered. The specific support needs of our clients very widely, and encompass all aspects of living a life of each person's own design, independently in the community.

Please note that while our business address is located in Junction City, applicants would be working based in Eugene/Springfield, and the surrounding communities.

Specific supports are based on each person's individual needs, but can include:

- Transportation to various destinations in the community;

- Nutrition, including meal planning, shopping, and meal preparation;

- Maintaining a safe and healthy home;

- Shopping and money management;

- Communication, both expressive (helping others to
understand them) and receptive (understanding information and directions from others);

- Safety, including emergency response and understanding potential hazards or harmful situations;

- Health management, including identifying pain, discomfort, and medical needs, as well as attending various appointments with physicians and other health care professionals and following through on any health care plan;

- Accessing the community, including initiating, coordinating, and completing various tasks and activities in the community;

- Social interactions, including using typical social norms, and making friends.

You would be working with creative, understanding people who have extensive experience in this field.

The ideal candidate is a person who views people with disabilities as equally contributing members of our community, who simply experience various barriers in life. Our job is to empower and support people, basically doing things WITH people, not for them.

Our clients are the people who direct the nature of the services that we provide, which is also described as self-directed supports. Our job is to support the people we serve to live a full, rich life of their design. We operate on a premise of respect and understanding of what each client's priority and preferences are and remaining dynamic, flexible, and responsive in our approach is imperative.

Requirements for consideration of employment include high school diploma, valid drivers license, ability to pass criminal history check, and an insured vehicle*.

*When using your personal vehicle for transportation, reimbursement is provided at $.40 per mile. Transportation reimbursement is not taxable income and is intended to offset fuel, insurance, and vehicle upkeep.

Contact Patrice Moltz for an application packet.

You can reach Patrice by phone at 541-517-5709 or email at

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