Tillamook Bay Community College
Tillamook, OR
Friday, June 16, 2017
Pay Type: 
Typically M-F, 8 - 5; • NOTE: Some travel required including professional meetings. Occasional evening or weekend work.
July 1, 2017

General Statement
Under the direction of the President the Institutional Planning and Research Analyst will gather, store, and analyze data collected through a variety of collection instruments. In addition this position will assist in the dissemination and presentation of database information using visual and graphic design and database reporting tools to College leadership and staff and provide analysis in order to facilitate a sound basis for the College decision making process. This position will also oversee the data portion of the strategic plan, including the outcomes assessment process for academic and service programs on campus.

Major Areas of Responsibility

I. Data collection, storage and analysis.
II. Coordinate the strategic planning and outcomes assessment process working with the Leadership Team.
III. Use of visual and graphic design tools for data reporting and presentation.
IV. Survey development, implementation, and results compilation.

Specific Responsibilities
1. Develop, verify and submit all institutional, state, and federal data reports.
2. Interpret research data and results to conceptualize, design and develop information analytics, graphic/data visualization applications to assist in institutional decision-making.
3. Work collaboratively with Leadership Team and college personnel to clearly communicate research findings through dashboards, data visualizations, interactive charts, graphs and other tools to diverse audiences.
4. Identify the best opportunities to use data analysis, graphic design and/or programming expertise to visually depict research data accurately and in ways that are accessible, engaging, innovative, and relevant to diverse groups.
5. Assist the Chief Academic Officer, President, College Council, and other members of the college with staff workshops and seminars focused on the understanding and analysis of data.
6. In collaboration with leadership team members, conduct or assist others in surveys and research studies related to programmatic, organizational, institutional, and strategic planning
7. Exercise best practices in data storage, respect the confidentiality of private and proprietary information, and abide by professional rules of conduct related to research and reporting
8. Represent the college at federal, state, and local level meetings or conferences as appropriate and at professional organizations related to institutional research within the state.
9. Develop and produce the mission fulfillment report and other reports needed for accreditation work.
10. Work with Leadership Team to develop and implement success indicators as part of the strategic planning process.
11. Work with faculty and staff on implementing outcomes assessment processes, collect assessment data, and assist in the preparation of program review reports.

Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, data processing, research methods, planning, assessment, social sciences, economics or related field required.
• Master’s degree in one of above fields and experience as an institutional researcher is preferred.
• Three years of related research, planning, assessment, and/or data analysis experience, or combination of education and experience commensurate with the requirements of this position is preferred.
• Demonstrated proficiency with data analysis and graphic illustrator tools as related to effectiveness in displaying and communicating data in written and graphic form is preferred.
• Demonstrated use or ability to learn use of database management tools such as Access, SQL, Excel, data visualization tools (e.g., Infomaker, Izenda,Google Analytics) is required.
• NOTE: Some travel required including professional meetings. Occasional evening or weekend work.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
• Understanding of basic statistics and causal relationships.
• Understanding of relational database design and management and expertise in a major database package i.e. Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, social media graphics, SQL Server and Infomaker is preferred
• Familiarity with web survey administration software
• Experience with higher education administrative/student information systems including technical understanding of data warehousing and data mining is preferred.
• Flair for pulling core insights from complex data and reports
• Experience in data visualization, including in maps and infographics
• Passion for translating data into stories that are meaningful to broader audience
• Effective presentation skills
• Ability to work effectively and collaboratively in a team
• Willingness and ability to teach colleagues and share core knowledge of the building blocks behind strong data visualization.
• Communicate clearly and efficiently to users via statistical graphics, plots, information graphics, tables, and charts
• Ability to make valid comparisons and understand causal relationships.
• Understand the variety of ethical and analytical challenges for data visualization.

Application Information
Complete application packets will have first consideration. The submission of all required application materials is the responsibility of the applicant.
Please respond via email with cover letter, resume and application indicating proof of your abilities to achieve the above job description and a minimum of three references to: patryan@tillamookbaycc.edu
Applications may also be mailed to: Tillamook Bay Community College Attn. Human Resources 4301 Third Street Tillamook, OR, 97141
To print application go to http://tillamookbaycc.edu/tbcc-employment-opportunities/ and choose the staff application packet. Application cannot be filled out on-line.
Candidate selected for hire must provide official academic transcripts.

First review of applications: June 12, 2017