Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah
Eugene, OR
Sunday, December 31, 2017
Pay Type: 
10-15, flexible to credit hours

Year-round opportunities
Be a part of the restoration process for the greater Mt. Pisgah area and beyond while learning about native plants and how to grow them. As an intern, you can help Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah grow seed for local habitat restoration projects and enjoy working outside in a beautiful setting! Our lovely 2-acre nursery at Buford Park is where we grow native plant materials for our habitat restoration projects on more than 4700 acres throughout the greater Mt. Pisgah area. Intern support of nursery operations makes a real difference in our ability to repopulate native species throughout the park.
This fall at the nursery, we'll be preparing plots for the winter, planting, mulching, weeding, developing compost as well as wrapping up late season seed harvest and cleaning. Interns will engage in a related research project that will deepen their knowledge of the native plants we work with for approximately 10-25% of their time.
Instruction and supervision will be provided. Tuesday/Thursday, 9am to noon. Opportunities for additional hours and varied experience possible as events, work parties and field collection take place throughout the season.
Potential to gain internship credit through the UO Career Center’s Internship For Credit course (details here:

Interns are expected to:
• Maintain a regular work schedule to complete target hours as agreed upon.
• Follow instructions and directions and communicate clearly.
• Complete or make progress on priority tasks as assigned.
• Log all hours spent working on the internship, including field, office and other hours.
• Wear appropriate clothing, which may include boots and rain gear, and supply personal drinking water.
• Attend to personal safety with regard to mild hazards such as insects, rodents, reptiles, heat, cold, sharp tools, and power equipment.
• Ask questions, discuss problems, report any injuries promptly.
Conscientious interns who communicate regularly and fulfill their duties responsibly will gain valuable work experience in this field and can expect to receive a positive recommendation from the Volunteer Coordinator.

To sign up, email Mieko Aoki at or call 541-606-7587.