University of Oregon (Dept. of Physics/Solar Radiation Monitoring Lab)
eugene oregon
Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Student programmer/translator wanted.

A student is being sought to translate 1500 lines of IDL code that is limited to numerical computations including basic math and integration into Fortran90 code. The Fortran90 code was chosen for speed and efficiency. The student should be familiar with IDL code and Fortran90.

The project is for the translation of a program that will produce gigabytes of climate data from satellite and other input. While no knowledge of the underlying science is required, the programmer will get insight and experience into what it takes to produce these climate databases. The project is divided into six tasks.
1. Read input data to compute clear-sky properties using the SMARTS model that is already in Fortran code.
2. Compute transmittance of aerosols (algorithms are in the IDL code).
3. Combine 1-2 to compute clear-sky radiances.
4. Read cloud transmittance and reflectance data from look-up tables.
5. Combine data from 1 and 4 to compute cloudy-sky radiances.
6. Integrate radiances from 3 and 5 to compute irradiances.
The description provides an overview for what is being done by the program and to divide the project into tasks. Again, knowledge of the models is not necessary.

The IDL code, the Fortran version of the SMARTS model, and input data will be supplied along with current results that can be used to validate the translated code. The budget for the project is $1800 that equates to roughly 120 hours at a rate of $15 per hour. Work study not required. It is hoped that much of the project can be completed before classes start. The project is scheduled to run to December, but can be completed sooner.

The student will meet weekly with the principle investigator to go over progress and assess the next steps.

Helpful is knows IDL code and Fortran 90.

Interested students should contact:
Frank Vignola, Rich Kessler, Or Josh Peterson
Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory
361 Onyx Bridge
Phone 541 346 4745