University of Oregon AAA Art
Eugene, OR
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Pay Type: 
Fall 2017

clay and glaze sludge recycling - facilitate recycling of clay and scrap glaze materials, with keen observation of safety procedures as well as quality of production. This includes all facilities of glaze recycling, including but not limited to: cleaning and organizing glaze rinse and storage areas, clean and maintain the Cink, will rotate the glaze rinse buckets in the main studio twice a week, will also assist and work in coordination with the glaze lab GTF to maintain large settling bucket system as well as working in the lab to stock orders and rotate stock. Job may also include additional assistance to GTF in mixing glazes, slips, oxides, etc. depending on experience.

Experience/knowledge of ceramics materials preferred, and must be willing to follow strict safety practices. Job also requires some lifting and heavy work. We will provide on-job mixing and safety training.

Apply in person to Heidi Howes, Department of Art, 254 Lawrence Hall. ***Hours: 1:00-3:30 pm, Monday-Friday***