University of Oregon AAA Art
Eugene, OR
Friday, January 5, 2018
Pay Type: 
Fall 2017

This job includes overall housekeeping of the kiln shed and tool crib, including cleaning, organizing, basic maintenance and inspections, inventorying/labeling dry materials, as well as assisting the Glaze/Fire class students with labor associated with firing. This includes but is not limited to: helping to make posting clay/wadding, unload carts, vacuuming kilns and area, cleaning out burners, occasionally grinding glaze from shelves, scraping loose kiln wash from shelves and re-washing when necessary. This position also covers weekly light maintenance on the spray booth in the kiln shed.

Job requires some lifting and heavy work; familiarity with operation of ceramics program is useful but not required. Should be able to safely use hand tools and have attention to detail.

Apply in person to Heidi Howes, Department of Art, 254 Lawrence Hall. ***Hours: 1:00-3:30 pm, Monday-Friday***