A Family for Every Child
Monday, November 27, 2017
Pay Type: 
Flexible 8:30-5:00
Rolling Start

A Family For Every Child seeks engaged, passionate volunteers within the Permanency programs. Volunteers in the Family Finding program must have a strong dedication to the reconnection of young people in the child welfare system to their former relationship networks. Volunteers will work in partnership with the Permanency Director and the Permanency Coordinator to search for, locate and engage kin and kith of children in the child welfare system. The end goal of reconnection being to instill a sense of permanency within the youth’s life and provide the opportunity for improved life outcomes.

* Complete in-office program orientation.
* Process designated case and provide diligent management of case through reunification.
* Maintain relationship with the youth’s caseworker and any other professionals on their team.
* Ongoing searches for relatives using online servers.
* Contacting and engaging kin/kith connections of the youth.
* Co-facilitation of a family meeting and the creation of a permanency plan for the youth.
* Perform consistent follow up once case comes to a formal close.


* Complete a background check as required by the State.
* Experience in research and data collection.
* Strong communication skills, including relating to others of diverse populations.
* Ability to work well in teams.
* Possess a passion for improving outcomes for youth in the child welfare system.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at info@afamilyforeverychid.org or call 541-343-2856.