W. R. Grace
Albany, Oregon
Saturday, November 25, 2017
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W.R. Grace is a leading global supplier of catalysts and other products and services to petroleum refiners; catalysts for the manufacture of plastics; silica-based engineered and specialty materials for a wide-range of industrial applications; specialty chemicals, additives and materials for commercial and residential construction; and can sealants and coatings for food packaging. With annual sales of more than $3.2 billion, Grace has employees in nearly 40 countries. More information at www.grace.com.

The Oregon plant of W.R. Grace & Co. manufactures fine chemicals for a broad range of pharma, biotech and nutraceutical customers. Our dynamic research and development team is seeking a Senior R&D Chemist, experienced in chemical process development. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing novel synthetic routes and chemical manufacturing processes to produce a variety of complex pharmaceutical intermediates.

Major Responsibilities
* Design and perform synthetic organic chemistry experiments efficiently and independently; monitor chemical reactions and product quality using chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques.
* Define parameters for robust and efficient chemical processes to achieve fundamental understanding of process performance and capabilities.
* Generate high quality experimental data, detailed protocols of chemical processes, and technical documents to support transfer of the processes to production.
* Collaborate with analytical chemists to develop optimal methods for quality determination of process products.
* Develop novel and creative solutions to overcome process and manufacturing difficulties.
* Present scientific findings to project/program cross-functional teams in a concise and impactful manner.

Required Skills:
* Enthusiasm, integrity, self motivation, and ability to interact within a multi-disciplinary team.
* Leadership experience desirable.

Required Experience:
* Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry with minimum 5 years of fine chemicals industry experience in a process chemistry research group.
* Pharmaceutical industry experience preferred.
* Demonstrated track record of scientific achievement: publications, patents, key role in successfully completed commercialized projects.
* In-depth knowledge of organic chemistry, synthetic methodology, and reaction mechanisms.
* Extensive experience in multi-step organic synthesis including reaction design, execution, and development of workup, isolation, and crystallization procedures.
* Experience collecting key experimental and analytical data to support research and development decisions. Familiarity with modern analytical methods and techniques.
* Experience applying spectroscopic methods (NMR, LC-MS, IR, etc) for structure determination and utilizing various analytical techniques (HPLC, NMR, GC, etc.) for quantitative data collection.
* Proficient with software programs such as MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), SciFinder, Reaxys, Nerac, Chemdraw.
* Excellent written and oral communication skills. Ability to prepare comprehensive reports for internal use and for customers.

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