Family Tree Relief Nursery
Albany, Oregon
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Pay Type: 

Provide program information, resource/referral assistance, crisis intervention and ongoing access to support services to families involved with Self Sufficiency through the Department of Human Services (DHS) in collaboration with Community Services Consortium. Assist families in removing barriers for family stability, such as accessing affordable housing, child care, employment services, alcohol and drug recovery support services, mental health services, basic parenting assistance, and other community agencies. Complete documentation needed at intake and ongoing service provision. Other duties as assigned by the Supervisor or Directors.

1. Education and Experience: must have Associate’s degree or higher (Bachelor’s preferred) in human services, early childhood education, child development or related field and minimum two years experience with high risk population, support and recovery services, parent education or early childhood development and/or education. Exceptions to these qualifications may be made with a one-year Professional Development & Training Plan in place.
2. Maintain enrollment in the State Central Background Registry.
3. Maintain an acceptable driving record permitting coverage under the corporate liability policy, valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle and auto insurance while employed at Family Tree Relief Nursery. All employees driving for work purposes, regardless of whether driving a personal or agency vehicle, must complete the agency’s driving approval process before they drive for work.
4. All work performed must be in alignment with the philosophy, approach and mission of Family Tree Relief Nursery.
5. Demonstrate dependability, flexibility, punctuality and good time management skills.
6. Sufficient maturity and good judgment to function in crisis situations.
7. Must attend or have record of recent training on mandatory reporting and demonstrate basic knowledge of child maltreatment indicators and prevention of abuse.
8. Must have or obtain, and maintain, first aid and CPR certification.

Abilities and Knowledge:
1. Knowledge of parenting, child development, community resources and referral processes for basic needs, crisis intervention, recovery support, employment, medical health, mental health, plus the ability to match services to individual client needs.
2. Spanish/English bilingual preferred.
3. Knowledge of family systems and dynamics, especially their impact on young children.
4. Able to relate tactfully, confidently, sensitively and non-judgmentally with young children and their families.
5. Able to clearly articulate information to people of varying cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds.
6. Able to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively both orally and in writing.
7. Able to recognize and record significant individual and group behaviors.
8. Able to take appropriate initiative, ability to adapt and work effectively under pressure.
9. Able to work well both independently and as a team player.
10. Able to problem solve and develop creative approaches.
11. Must demonstrate evidence of emotional maturity and stability; able to set and maintain professional boundaries.
12. Able to have difficult conversations regarding child and personal safety, alcohol and drug use, parenting techniques and relationships.

If you are interested in applying please email your resume and a cover letter to: