A Family for Every Child
Friday, December 8, 2017
Pay Type: 
Flexible 8:30-5:00
Rolling Start
Internship, Volunteer

A Family For Every Child needs a Child Recruiter volunteer/intern who will work with the Recruitment Supervisor to make an outreach recruitment plan to engage caseworkers in other states, Heart Galleries, and photo listings. The objective is to build relationships with others, build our public child listing website, and recruit for more children nationwide. The Child Recruiter volunteer/intern will work to build relationships with states, counties, agencies, social workers, and recruiters nationwide in order to form new relationships and expand currently existing relationships.

Under the supervision of the Recruitment Supervisor, the volunteer/intern will:

* Develop an outreach plan and timeline.
* Develop processes for contact and follow-up. Enter all contacts in database with a follow-up plan.
* Develop a checklist for putting children on the website with biographies and best photo possible.
* Identify barriers and brainstorm solutions.
* Make a plan to use our website, social media, and targeted email outreach to make new contacts.
* Build email templates, press releases, PSAs, and other marketing tools.
* Make plan for next year.


* Excellent oral and written communication skill with the ability to communicate with diverse populations.
* Computer skills/data entry.
* Experience using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.
* Well organized with attention to detail and ability to complete tasks independently.
* Ability to make deadlines.
* Phone and email communication skills.

Volunteer Coordinator at info@afamilyforeverychild.org or call 541-343-2856.