A Family for Every Child
Monday, December 11, 2017
Pay Type: 
Flexible 8:30-5:00
Rolling Start
Internship, Volunteer

A Family For Every Child is looking for a volunteer/intern capable of overseeing the management and training of our Submissions Department, which consists of three teams/programs: Home Study submissions, Inquiries and Child Listing.

Under the supervision of the Program Manager, the volunteer/intern will:

* Complete all trainings required for the team members and understand all aspects of the process.
* Oversight of emails and correspondence to families, Case Workers, and Adoption Workers.
* Understand how to respond in various situations with sensitivity and knowledge recognizing the goal of creating partnerships and offering excellent customer service.
* Ability to review details with team as necessary, answer questions, and provide guidance on a daily basis.
* Ability to evaluate results and problem solve efficiently.
* Evaluate, test, and implement additional customization.
* Develop and update ongoing process - edit and create training How To’s (i.e., Power Point, Manual, Webinar).


* Excellent oral and written communication skills, with ability to communicate with diverse populations.
* Computer skills/data entry.
* Experience using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.
* Well organized with attention to detail and ability to carry out tasks independently.
* Ability to meet deadlines and work as a team.
* Experience in managing others well.


Volunteer Coordinator at info@afamilyforeverychild.org or call 541-343-2856.