Sunday, December 10, 2017
Pay Type: 
Up to you

SifData is a fast growing startup based out of bend focused on helping venture-backed startups scale more efficiently.

We're looking for a couple of interns that are looking to learn the ropes and what it's like to work in a startup environment.

What you'll learn:
- How to target, market and sell to decision-makers at top tier silicon valley companies
- How to wear lots of different hats within the organization: Marketing, Sales, Product, Customer Success, etc. every day
- Skills that are in extremely high demand by silicon valley startups
- Real advice on how to write a resume, stand out and get a job
- Learn to use tools like, Linkedin and others which are absolutely necessities in today's job market

Primarily, we're looking for folks who are interested in helping us scale. We've found product-market fit and need help getting things going. We'd love to have at least two interns help us scale while learning as much as possible.

Looking for folks with business acumen that are comfortable communicating professional both over email and the phone.

We're looking for folks who are serious about learning and want to come out of school with the skills to land an awesome job anywhere.

email us directly at with your resume and a short cover letter with what you've done to stand out from your peers.