A Family for Every Child
Eugene, Oregon
Thursday, December 14, 2017
Pay Type: 
Flexible 8:30-5:00
Rolling Start
Internship, Volunteer

A Family For Every Child is currently looking for a volunteer/intern to work directly with the Matching Assistance Director to help promote and develop the Matching Assistance Program (MAP) site, resources, and materials located directly within the log-on site.


* Maintain and update materials located within the MAP site.
* Research additional information and resources that can help families with the adoption process.
* Work with a variety of agencies and organizations, looking for additions and ideas for our log-on site.
* Be responsible for weekly updates to the Matching Assistance Director.
* Maintain personal and professional development to meet the changing demands of the position, participate in appropriate training activities, and support staff in their development and training.
* Undertake such other duties, training, and/or hours of work as may be reasonably required and which are consistent with the general level of responsibility of this position.
* Maintain confidentiality.


* Excellent oral and written communication skills, with ability to communicate with diverse populations.
* Web design experience helpful.
* Computer skills/data entry.
* Experience using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint programs.
* Well organized, with attention to detail and ability to carry out tasks independently.
* Ability to meet deadlines.


Volunteer Coordinator info@afamilyforeverychild.org 541-343-2856.