Camp Augusta
Nevada City, CA
Monday, April 30, 2018
Pay, Room, Board, Life & Professional Skills
Pay Type: 
Daily, throughout Summer.
May 16, 2018
Seasonal/Limited Duration

Camp Augusta is not your average summer camp. We seek high and low for folks who have a calling in life… to make a genuine difference in the lives of children and their own; to pursue a variety of adventures that feed body, mind, heart, and soul; to work hard and play hard (especially when they are one and the same). We are an 80-acre non-profit residential camp nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California specializing in teaching emotional intelligence, aerial silks, fire spinning, positive communication techniques, high ropes elements, intentional community living, the fine art of oatmeal fights, and oh-so-much more. Camp Augusta has 1- and 2-week overnight sessions with 90 children (ages 8-16) onsite at a time.

Counseling is our primary passion and intention at Camp Augusta. As a summer counselor, you will work closely with 5 campers at a time, honing your epic skills in creativity, compassion, and wonder for life with the mission of fostering life-changing experiences. After 3.5 weeks of paid staff training, you will be equipped with oodles of tools and information about effective behavior guidance, how to live and work in a tight-knit community of 55 staff, and how to teach an incredible array of activities. We also host wilderness trips, if this excites you, be sure to specify in your initial contact! (

– Are overjoyed to work closely with children for a summer and gain energy from time spent with kids.
– Have a foundation of emotional depth and intelligence and seek to grow and improve professionally and personally in life.
– Love to imagine wild possibility, creative engagement with the world, and the ways to have the most fun… and are driven and organized enough to make some of it happen!
– Are adventurers of the mind, heart, and world as a whole. Curiosity and a zeal for constant learning and exploration – externally and internally.
– Possess the flexibility, open-mindedness, honesty, responsibility, and heartfelt goodwill for living and working in a tight-knit community of staff.
– Think deeply, write articulately, and speak with compassion by nature.
– Thrive on operating with a growth mindset (rather than a fixed mindset).

– Must be at least 19 years old by June 2018 (3 years older than our oldest campers)
– Prior, meaningful work with children. Our campers are between 8-16
– Some life experience is very helpful (work, independent travel, anything that demonstrates your resourcefulness and ability to get things done on your own)
– We prefer folks who are able to return for at least a second summer
– Ability and willingness to work at a sustained, high-energy pace for extended time (seriously, how’s your energy level?)

At Camp Augusta, we want to get to know you as a real human, not a set of numbers or boxes to fill out. Our application starts with you pondering on and answering 6 questions, the first of which is "Who are you?" If you are intrigued and delighted by this idea, please take some time to peruse our website, then follow the application instructions within. You can reach us at 530-265-3702 if you'd like to chat on the phone or have any questions prior to getting started. Or, email us!