Deschutes Portfolio Strategy, LLC
Lake Oswego, OR
Friday, November 24, 2017
$50,000+ depending on experience
Pay Type: 
Winter 2017-18

We are looking for an individual seeking a career in the retirement plan business. This is a sales and marketing position focused on the retirement plan market.

The position has 4 primary responsibilities:
1) Develop new retirement plan leads
2) Market to retirement plan leads
3) Close retirement plan leads
4) Service existing and new retirement plan clients

Our goal is to bring on someone who we can mentor and develop to become a long-term employee and key contributor.

Applicant will start on salary for the first 24 months and move to commissions afterwards - this is a position where you control your own destiny in terms of compensation.

1) Bachelor's degree
2) Exceptional organization skills + presentation skills
3) Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
4) Goal oriented with solid professional + work ethic
5) Prior experience in sales or finance a bonus but not necessarily required
6) Ability to thrive in an independent work environment - doesn't need to be "baby sat"
7) New hire will eventually have to pass the Series 65 exam
8) Not afraid of cold calling

Please submit your resume and cover letter to