Lane Community College
Eugene, OR
Saturday, November 25, 2017
$15.78 - $17.18
Pay Type: 
Mornings, afternoons


* Coordinate the daily work flow in the front desk area of the Center for Accessible Resources.
* Use of internal departmental, organizational, and outside systems, hardware and software.
* Apply and enforce procedures and guidelines.
* Cross-train and obtain all required licenses, certificates and information needed to complete the responsibilities related to supporting these roles.


* Train and orient students, faculty staff and the public in the use of the departmental database and other electronic systems, uploading documents & photographs, entering data, and updating information.
* Gather information and compile data for analysis and reporting.
* Capture data in multiple electronic and paper systems with accuracy.
* Documentation of all interactions with and regarding students.


* Checking in and out equipment and other departmental property.
* Collection, organization, and maintenance of all equipment, furniture and related inventories, assess needed repairs and recommend purchases to lead worker.


* Problem solve and manage sensitive information with appropriate awareness of FERPA standards; maintain confidentiality and sensitivity to the privacy needs of students.
* Completion, tracking, and facilitation of incident reports and student records.
* Properly refer students to advisers and other departmental staff/resources.


* Create, maintain, educate and enforce operations manuals and procedural guidelines.
* Compose and edit correspondence and other materials.
* Interact consistently in a respectful, pleasant, courteous, tactful manner with students, faculty, staff and the public.
* Problem solve difficult interactions with students, employees and the public: de-escalate and boundary situations as needed.
* Actively participate in a shared workload; using plans and communication skills for a positive result; establish and maintain effective working relationships.
* Use appropriate professional judgment about when to involve lead worker in problem solving.
* Work independently and as a member of a team.
* Establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisor, lead worker, co-specialists and other staff in the department.
* Receive feedback and direction well, implementing as appropriate.
* Understand, articulate and apply department policies, procedures and philosophies.
* Track tasks thoroughly through full completion, using problem solving skills as needed, to the satisfaction of the lead worker who assigned the tasks.
* Plan work assignments, manage time effectively, set priorities and understand limits of the role.
* Work under pressure, multitask, be flexible, meet deadlines, and at times simultaneously handling numerous changes immediately.
* Demonstrate strong listening, verbal and written communication skills, including English composition, spelling and grammar.


* Demonstrate Lane’s core value of social justice by ensuring equity and inclusion skills such as respect, inclusiveness, reflecting, valuing of cultural and personal differences, are the basis of employee and student interpersonal communications and relationships, and are applied to all position responsibilities.

* Duties are carried out inclusively, regardless of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, social class, marital status, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, nationality, age, language, origin or employment status.

* Must demonstrate an active concern for students and staff.

Other duties as assigned.

Two (2) years of post-secondary education in office management or a related field.

Two (2) years of general office experience performing the full range of office support duties, including extensive public contact.

Job-related experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.).