Lane County Government
Eugene, OR
Sunday, November 26, 2017
Pay Type: 
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00

Assists Physician/provider in examination and treatment of patients. Works with Physician/provider and other staff to create and maintain effective flow of patients in the clinic. Gathers patient's chart, test results and other reports.

Interviews and documents clinical data from patients to assist the Physician/provider when he/she visits the patient. Observes/reports and records observation of abnormal signs or symptoms to Physician/provider. Obtains patient's history and takes vital signs; prepares, processes and delivers specimens.

Prepares treatment rooms for examination of patients. Drapes patients with covering and positions instruments and equipment. Hands instruments and materials to doctor as directed. Cleans and sterilizes instruments. Responsible for stocking and upkeep of exam rooms, and cleaning and sterilizing of equipment and instruments.

Inventories and orders medical supplies and materials. Disposes of contaminated or outdated supplies.

Under Physician direction and supervision, may administer certain injections, administer medications, or draw blood, as appropriate.

Performs a variety of basic laboratory and testing procedures and treatments as directed; changes dressings, cleans wounds, removes sutures, performs basic first aid.

May schedule appointments, greet patients, respond to telephone inquires, process referrals and release of information forms, make referrals as directed by Physician/provider, and perform secretarial tasks.

May key patient and financial data into computer to maintain office and patient records, receive money for bills, complete insurance forms, compute and mail monthly statements to patients.

As authorized by Physician/provider, phones and faxes in drug refill approvals and new prescriptions to pharmacy.

Records, reviews and updates medical records and data, maintaining confidentiality; accurately documents medical care and follow-up.

Communicates with non-medical individuals regarding health issues, needed care and education as authorized by supervisor. Provides brochures/materials as directed. Reviews, maintains and orders resources and educational materials.

Obtains prior-authorizations as required. Calls medical facility or department to schedule patients for tests. Arranges for and tracks referrals as directed by Physician/provider.

Assists Physician/provider and other staff with determining appropriate action with urgent and emergent patient care.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge of:
Principles, practices and procedures of clinic patient care, and necessary equipment and supplies.

Methods and techniques to assist with primary medical care.

Principles and procedures of record keeping and recording.

Medical terminology and medical record documentation and confidentiality.

Medical insurance processes.

Laboratory techniques.

Clinical and diagnostic procedures.

Pharmaceutical principles and medication administration.

Principles and techniques of sanitation and sterilization.

First aid.

Ability to:
Understand, analyze and transmit information effectively; receive and act upon verbal and written information; learn assigned tasks quickly; anticipate patient and provider needs.

Prioritize work and practice time management to ensure timelines are met and the needs of multiple clients are addressed.

Maintain accurate records for medical charts and reports; develop and maintain professional, effective, working relationships with supervisors, peers and clients.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Perform strenuous duties such as assisting patients with ambulation, positioning and range of motion and/or respond to emergency situations involving illness or accident.

Apply principles of aseptic technique and infection control.

Perform data entry and mathematical calculations as needed.

Work rotating shifts and days off.

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