College of Design
Eugene, OR
Friday, December 8, 2017
Pay Type: 
January 2018

Duties of a Media Coach include:

1. Primary Responsibility: Technical Assistant to ARCH 202
Media coaches would act as teaching assistants to facilitate media demonstrations and workshops as defined by the course instructor for ARCH 202. Coaches would be expected to spend 6 hours per week participating in lectures, demonstrations, discussions, desk critiques and class reviews. Coaches will not assist in the formal evaluation of student work, maintain attendance records, nor collect assignments. The Design Skills class meets each Tues and Thursday from 8:30 – 9:50 a.m. Media Coaches must be prepared to attend all class sessions.

2. Secondary Responsibilities: Workshops and Peer Tutoring
Coaches would be expected to use the remaining 4 hours per week participating in:

Peer Tutoring. Media coaches would offer a schedule of weekly peer tutoring "office hours" to be held either in the DCL or Hearth.

Coaches would be available to ARCH 202 students and the larger College of Design student body on a first come first serve basis to assist with questions in operating software and hand media techniques.

Information Archiving. Media coaches will archive useful online tutorials and media tips for submission to the website.

Demonstration Workshops. Media coaches will offer a series of free tutorial workshops (live and/or web-recorded) to the student body to supplement introductory level instruction in software and/or media techniques throughout the term.

Applicants should be undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the School of Architecture and Environment. Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture majors are preferred.
Applicants should be able to demonstrate (via portfolio samples) excellence in:
• Clarity in design communication of an architectural project (via portfolio samples)
• Dexterity with both "Hand" and "Digital" media (via portfolio samples)
• Freehand drawing (via portfolio samples)
• Rendering (expressing qualities of light, depth, inhabitance, context, materiality, mood, etc.) by hand and through digital collage (via portfolio samples)
• Diagramming (analytical and conceptual) by hand and digitally
• Application of AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop (via portfolio samples)
Applicants should have strong interpersonal skills, and verbal communication skills

Application Instructions:

To apply, complete an online application and submit a brief portfolio. For more information, please contact Prof. Daisy Williams at