University of Oregon CAS IT
Monday, November 27, 2017
Pay Type: 

CASIT and SSIL focus on excellent customer service, and we are committed to creating an environment where technology allows our faculty, graduate students, staff, and students to achieve the highest standards of academic inquiry, learning, and service. This student position includes completing directly assigned troubleshooting tasks to support faculty, staff, GEs and students within the College of Arts and Sciences. Students will be interacting with users from a wide set of backgrounds, and will need excellent, effective communication skills.

Applicant will work approx. 8-12 hours a week under the direct supervision of CASIT Labs manager. We will work with the candidate in terms of hours and training times.

Position Description:

Our Lab Consultants assists students and faculty users with computer applications. These students vary in their comfort level with technology and require a wide range of support. Consultants answer questions, troubleshoot software and hardware, and assist student users with application use and printing problems. The wide range of software used in the labs includes: Arc GIS (geographic information system), statistics software such as R and Stata, and graphics applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Our Lab consultants are not expected to be experienced in all these software packages. On the job training will enable our new Consultants to become familiar with the software. SSIL is also a remote test-taking site for students enrolled in the Online Courses. Lab Consultants proctor online course exams ensuring that academic integrity is maintained.

Job Duties Include:

*Proctoring Online Education exams
*Maintaining lab cleanliness
*Closing and Opening Labs
*Troubleshooting software and hardware problems and reporting issues to supervisor
*Assisting students with software needed for class projects
*Monitoring printer queues and handling money

Excellent communication and people skills are essential. (Special consideration given to those with Cartography, GIS, Stats, or programming experience, which are a plus but not required.) Pay increases with experience. This rewarding job offers valuable skills you will take with you after graduation. Willingness to be a part of a team and the desire to learn are expected. Minimum Knowledge and Skills Required: 2-3 years of computing experience, some breadth of software knowledge, and at least experience with MS Office, Internet software, and e-mail. Windows and PC experience necessary. Able to work with a wide range of people of varying skill level. Ability to follow instructions. Ability to work independently. Ability to learn different software packages. Excellent communication skills. Team oriented outlook.

Please submit resume and any requested materials through DuckConnect.