Nationwide, USA
Saturday, December 30, 2017
Pay Type: 

The Jr. Data Analyst’s primary role is helping to implement IT and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions by building the databases that support the solutions. The Jr. Data Analyst also plays a supporting role in related projects. This is a part time position for approximately 10 hours per week.

Key Responsibilities:

Data cleanup
Data source identification and collection
Data processing
Various administrative tasks

A degree in computer science, programming, or a related field (or actively pursuing a degree)
High proficiency with basic productivity tools and software, e.g., MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Familiarity with current technology (social media, cloud computing, "smart" internet searching)
Strong analytic, quantitative, and reasoning skills.
Ability to synthesize innovative ideas within project constraints
Strong willingness to learn, grow, and make a meaningful contribution to the company

Please go to http://vsolvit.com/apply/part-time.php and fill out our Web Application form. Once you have completed this form, please send your resume to vsc@vsolvit.com.