Division of Equity & Inclusion- University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Monday, January 8, 2018
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The Leadership Enrichment Internship (LEI) is a paid mentored internship experience enhanced with professional development, mentorship opportunities and real-life experience for students with diverse academic interests whose backgrounds are currently underrepresented in such careers.

About Innovation and Partnership Services
(IPS) office manages the movement of academic innovation into public use by identifying and creating channels for relationships between university innovators and industry, for investment, and for development of user communities. For further information about our office, please visit our website at http://ips.uoregon.edu

As part of the LEI program you will:
•Attend LEI biweekly cohort meetings on Fridays for collaborative professional development and networking opportunities (meetings are paid work hours).
•Meeting with your internship sponsor (employer) to jointly determine the content and structure of work placement and responsibilities. The work should maximize your transferable skills and knowledge base, as well as develop goals to help you cultivate new skills.

The UO IPS intern will
•Communicate UO campus community about the programs, services, opportunities and events available to students and others via the many different partners in our entrepreneurial ecosystem.
•Build information channels through social media and campus outreach.
•Create content will include short text strings and potentially video programming as well, in the form of interviews, walk-throughs and narrations.
•Collaborate departments and research institutes to identify potential stories and to assemble a pipeline of input materials for the content.
•Create summaries of innovations from a wide breadth of fields in layperson terms, designing engaging layouts for the online summaries, and coordinating with faculty and staff professionals to update technology information, including stages of development.

LEI Qualifications and Expectations
Qualified applicants are UO undergraduate students enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits who meet the following requirements:
•A 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher at the time of application. Students with GPAs below a 2.5 or on academic probation are eligible, but will be required to develop an academic success plan with an advisor in the Center for Multicultural and Academic Excellence
•Strong interpersonal and communication skills
•An interest in positively engaging with on- and off-campus staff members and developing new skills
•The ability to work effectively in teams and independently
•A commitment to promoting equity and inclusion during internship placement
•Satisfactory completion of the application and interview.

Preferred qualifications include training in the sciences (physical, life or data sciences and some social sciences like psychology). Students with training in journalism/communication or education are also welcome to apply

Please email resumes to deiinternships@uoregon.edu

Fill out the application and essay questions at the qualtrics link here: https://oregon.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8FWWrTKIyYGYizz

***When filling out qualtrics, your responses are not saved until you submit the form. The essay questions are included here for your convenience but you must submit them in the application***

1. In 500 words or less, please share any challenges you have faced in your academic career.

2. In 500 words or less, please explain what experiences, strengths, and/or skills you wish to contribute to this placement? Please explain what you hope to gain from this experience and how participating would be beneficial for you

3. In 500 words or less, please talk about your general interests, career and academic goals. How are you working toward accomplishing some of these?