Head Start of Lane County
Sunday, December 31, 2017
Pay Type: 

Essential Job Responsibilities - Performance Indicators

Budgeting (25%)

Assist in preparing and tracking annual budgets for specific grants, programs and the agency as a whole.
Take part in annual budget committee meetings along with Finance Director.
Enter detailed budgets into the MIP Fund Accounting software by segment to prepare monthly, detailed financial reports by program, region and region and department.
Prepare budgeting cost scenarios to be utilized during planning and union negotiations.

Account Analysis and Financial Reporting (25%)

Utilize MIP Fund Accounting software and Excel to prepare and analyze monthly, detailed financial variance reports. Prepare detailed notes to explain variances to BOD and management.
Analyze budget and actual financial data to prepare financial expenditure projections.
Assist in preparation of financial analysis as requested.

General Ledger Accounting (30%)

Oversee Period Close Process.
Monitor Distribution Codes and allocations between programs and grants.
Prepare transactions for posting including A/R and Journal Vouchers.
Reconcile assigned General Ledger accounts monthly.
Assist with Audit Preparation.

Other Responsibilities (20%)

Assist Finance Director as necessary to process accounting transactions.
Assist Finance Director with administration of 403(b) retirement plan.
Reconcile bank accounts.
Act as backup for note taking for other confidential employee's.
Serve as back-up for other accounting staff.
Attend training, regional, negotiation and community meetings as needed.
Perform other duties as requested.

Position Information

52 weeks per year
40 hours per week
Non Bargaining Unit (Confidential Position)
Supervised by Finance Director

Minimum Qualifications

Associates Degree in accounting or related field preferred and minimum of four years (full-time equivalent) relevant general accounting and financial reporting and analysis experience.
General knowledge of Fund Accounting and generally accepted accounting principles.
Knowledge of MIP Fund Accounting software and/or proven ability to utilize complex computerized accounting systems.
Strong computer skills. Extensive knowledge of Excel. Utilize word processing, email and the internet.
Employment is conditional pending immediate enrollment in the Child Care Division Central Background Registry.
Health questionnaire required post employment.