Vice President's Office for Student Life
Eugene, OR
Friday, January 12, 2018
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January 8, 2018

University Day is a celebration of campus spirit and an opportunity to show appreciation for our school with a lasting effort to beautify the grounds. It is rooted deeply in tradition, dating back to 1905 as part of Junior Weekend as a way to constructively give back to the university. This event requires significant coordination to be a success, and the following duties have been identified as integral opportunities for students to volunteer on the committee. The committee will consist of 8-12 students, and each student will serve on one of the following specialized teams:

Facilities & Campus Project Team

During University Day this team will help coordinate with the grounds crew for direction of volunteers. Each year there is a large campus project and this team will help develop the project for 2018.

--Integrate history and meaning into the event in a fresh and exciting way
--Coordinating volunteers on University Day
--Communication with Campus Operations and Facilities Services
--Help plan University Day campus project

Marketing Outreach Team

University Day volunteers come from all parts of the university, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members. The marketing outreach team will help create a marketing plan that reaches a large population, and gets the community excited about University Day.

--Identify and create effective marketing and outreach plans
--University Day Logo Design
--Marketing campaigns for Event

Activities Team

The activities team will assist in planning events for University Day that add to the spirit and celebration of the day. Activities may include student tabling, music, amphitheater activities and coordination.

--Generate a fresh and innovative plan for activities and entertainment
--Day-of entertainment
--Find groups to table
--Plan activities throughout the day

Expected Volunteer Time Commitment:
--Monthly committee and team meetings starting in January
--Weekly meetings beginning in March through May 17th
--5-10 hours per week depending on position responsibilities
--Participation in University Day on May 17, 2018

No previous experience required. Must be a current UO student.

Applications can be submitted online at the following link: