Found My Future: From Intern to Assistant Buyer

October 08, 2021

As any of our career coaches will tell you, internships and training programs are great ways to gain professional experience, build career readiness skills, and can set you up for awesome early-career opportunities with top companies. Alyssa Thor, UO ’21, did just that!

We caught up with Alyssa to learn more about her new career as an assistant buyer at Kroger. 

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Photos of international alumni from the University of Oregon

Exploring Your Career Path with UO International Alumni

July 22, 2020

By Hongye Zhai and Zara Pastos

In this widespread pandemic context, international students are facing a pivotal challenge in planning their career paths. Many things in their lives are full of uncertainty at this time, and their career planning is especially being greatly affected by the current situation. The University of Oregon Career Center provides career consulting and...

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Briselda Molina

Path to Success: One Dreamer’s Story

July 14, 2020
By Ixchel Verdugo and Zara Pastos

Briselda Molina is currently supporting UO Dreamers* as an intern for the UO Dreamers Working Group (DWG) and as a liaison for the Dreamers Student Advisory Board. She is a graduate student at Oregon State University studying College Student Services Administration and hopes to...

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Members of UO Alumni Association

The Digital World is Flat: Alumni Networking is Easier and More Important than Ever

June 10, 2020

By Sara Mason, Job and Internship Developer

“I’m a Duck; are you a Duck?” 

This is what the stranger who eagerly tapped my shoulder said to me while I was traveling in Switzerland, wearing a University of Oregon T-shirt. 

“Yes, I am a Duck,” I answered, and then we burst into connections about the campus, faculty, Eugene, Oregon, and more. This is the power of...

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