One word to describe Kelsey’s four years at Oregon? Involved. She has always loved being busy, and was a naturally curious student, so she signed up for as many clubs, boards, internships, and programs as she could take on.

Kelsey graduated from the Robert D. Clark Honors College in 2016 with a focus in Advertising and business administration and celebrated her success with a quick trip to Europe. 

After returning home from a month of traveling, Kelsey approached the job hunt with a fresh perspective. She knew she was searching for a company with values that she could get behind; for a job surrounded by equally motivated, genuine people; and for work that she could care about in an environment that fosters creativity.

Once settled back into her hometown, the job hunt took off. 

“Linda Favero was incredibly helpful with quickly answering questions, connecting me to her extensive network in Portland, and supporting me throughout the job search process. Many of the people Linda connected me to in my initial job search effort continue to be tremendously helpful.”

Through countless coffee meetings, agency tours, informationals, rejections, and e-mail threads, Kelsey was able to narrow down even more specific qualities that she was looking for in her first job. In the meantime, Kelsey picked up a part-time front desk position at BurnCycle while she continued to look for full-time opportunities. 

After a few weeks, the owner approached Kelsey about some of the experience listed on her résumé. They were looking to replace their former Social Media/Public Relations guru, and went to Kelsey for some much needed assistance.

Kelsey is now the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for BurnCycle. From managing social media accounts to assisting the Operations and Marketing Manager with any PR needs, Kelsey is thrilled to be taking on more responsibility for a company that she so deeply cares about.

“Because the company is relatively small, I am able to have a lot of creative freedom, input my ideas and opinions, and take on new projects. This would not be possible with most other entry level positions, which is why this position in particular is so exciting to me.”

Kelsey never anticipated that she would work at a spin studio post graduation, but once she opened her mind to possibilities beyond the expectations she had placed on herself she was able to see limitless opportunities. 

“I think the most important thing to recognize is that your first job is not your forever job. Find something that is a career stepping stone, not just a job.”

by Natalie Waritz