Are you about to graduate and searching for a dream job that perfectly matches your skills, interests, and major? Are you having trouble identifying a niche in your field?  In reality, your skills extend well beyond the degree on your graduation certificate.  Here’s why:

When you start college, you’re coached to believe the major you choose is a rite of passage into that career field. For example, you majored in Advertising, so you will work at an advertising agency doing advertising things. Right? Not necessarily! Your major is a guide to find the intersection of skills and passion. Your major doesn’t always translate exactly to what you do for a living, and it isn’t all you can do for a living.

Becoming an educationally diverse employee requires fostering innovative cultures. Most industries don’t operate in a vacuum, and can’t outsource every role needed to succeed. Fisher Investments manages assets for high net worth individuals and institutions worldwide.  But, who is doing the research, managing relationships, updating technology, creating marketing, and recruiting top talent?  Definitely not just one person! So, what does that mean for you?

This is where introspection comes into play—allow yourself to think beyond the assigned subjects and classroom agendas you have learned within your major. Focus on the soft skills you successfully demonstrated during classroom and extracurricular activities; have you risen as a leader in group competitions, identified and implemented process improvement, continued pushing an initiative when everyone said it was impossible, or created a lasting network of relationships? With your soft skills identified, you have the tools to tell your story—a story that sets you apart from your colleagues and job competition. These tools help you accomplish goals and makes you a valuable asset to any future employer.

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