One of the major concerns for college students who are beginning a new job is how to appropriately dress for the workplace. How can you be professional with style? Do you have to buy a suit? Do you have to wear a jacket? Do colors matter? To be honest, it truly depends on where you work and who you work for.

My first internship was nerve-wracking to say the least and figuring out what to wear on my first day was very difficult. My boss had e-mailed me saying the dress code in the office was comfortable professional. I struggled to pick an outfit for my first day because my boss’s dress code lingo was not very specific. As I was always told to “dress for the job you want,” I decided to show up dressed professionally and formally. To my surprise, I was overdressed and extremely embarrassed to be wearing formal attire in an office full of employees wearing comfortable and fashionable casual clothing. If I had asked more specifically what the dress code entailed, I would not have stuck out so much as the “new” person in the office. Although I was embarrassed about my first-day look, my first day on the job was exciting and eye-opening.

It taught me a few things:

  • Make sure to ask questions in order to clarify for yourself when it comes to figuring out how to dress for a job or an internship.
  • Don’t be scared to ask your direct boss or supervisor specifically what employees wear.
  • Research the company’s social media pages and see what employees actually wear. Try to find some pictures.
  • Have a jacket or tie in your car or bag so if you need to make a quick upgrade to your professional gear you are prepared.

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Emily Fine
UO Advertising Major, JR