There are many internships out there. The structure of each program depends on the type of internship it is, the length of the program, and its learning objectives. The internship you offer should be meaningful to students’ career development and consist of work/projects that provide experiential learning.

Traditional Internships

Often taking place over summer and winter breaks, they can last anywhere between ten weeks and three months and interns can work up to 40 hours per week.

Year-Round Internships

These are pretty self-explanatory. They’re similar to the break internships, but last for a whole year. Hours are usually shorter (around 5-10 hours per week) to accommodate for school and other activities.

Rotational Internships

Just like it sounds, rotational internships allow students to rotate between departments or between various roles within a single department. Duration varies.

Virtual Internships

This type of internship allows students to work off-site, either at school, home, and any other place instead of the office. They often offer more flexible work schedules and less restrictions on employer location. Duration varies.


Also known as job shadows, these programs offer students a great opportunity to get a quick look at a specific industry, what it’s like to work at a specific company, and get exposed to a professional environment. These opportunities are best for freshmen and sophomores. They are usually shorter and range from one day to several weeks.

Eight-Hour Internships

These internships can either last for one day (8-hour work day) or several weeks, at 8 hours each week. They’re great for exposing students to the industry or company during that short period of time. Additionally, due to their short duration, they tend to be more flexible with students scheduling and easier to fit in their busy student life!

Service Learning Internships

These internships are usually offered by a non-profit or other community organization. These experiences allow students to learn about a community organization. They focus on non-profit work and community-centric projects. Duration is between ten and twelve weeks.

Group Internships

As the name implies, these internships introduce a large number of students to your company or organization. The work they do is in a group setting. They can be conducted in a classroom, as a lunch presentation, or anywhere else that can accommodate a group. Duration varies.

Project Internships

This type of internship revolves around a specific project. They are usually shorter in length and have more specific learning objectives. Duration varies based on project.

by Charlene Fauria, Job & Internship Developer