International Student Career Night is an event that assists students with addressing common cultural job barriers, such as lack of networks, before and after they graduate. The University of Oregon Career Center, along with the Office of International Affairs collaborated to create an experience for our international Ducks that would set them up for career success. 

Bart Kassel, ISCA manager and International Student Career Adviser, invited international professionals and UO faculty to network, share their stories, and give international students advice about steps to take for the future. Students are encouraged to embrace their unique skills and experiences.

One of the professionals present at this year’s International Student Career Night was Sandra Benny, who was originally from Singapore and used to work for Volunteers of America as an Admissions Coordinator. She advised students to “make good connections, and don’t brush that connection off because you never know what kind of help that person would be able to give you.” She believes that being an international student is a valuable experience. International students contribute their abilities to the community and themselves by living, studying, or working in a different country. She believes that building connections is an important step for success.

Ethan Mapes, International Student Advisor, also taught students steps they could take to be successful professionals in the U.S. and their home countries. He explained the importance of doing volunteer work in student leadership positions and taking advantage of part-time, campus jobs, and told attendees how those skills would be transferable to the professional world.

Director of UO Career Center, Daniel Pascoe Aguilar, also expressed his opinion about the importance of networking. Aguilar stated, “This kind of networking is important for international students because they need it as early as possible to think of how to be prepared for opportunities. Major challenges for them are that they need to develop their network, so they can expand their experiences.” Having been an international student from México, Daniel is relatable and understands that networking is important, as a lot of international students live here by themselves. Therefore, Daniel wants to develop of networking skills early with international students so they can be successful. He also advised international students to “never allow anyone to think that you are not the best choice of leadership. Know that you have a lot of potential, allow yourself to make a difference, and work very hard to prepare to do that.”

The University of Oregon, as well as other universities across the country, has been helping international students to navigate the professional world. Many students come from countries that have different cultures and communities, yet these connections create uniquely transferable skills. The International Student Career Night has shown students the importance of getting the most out of their time here, as well as embracing who they are, and how to impress employers.

Always know the Career Center is here to help international Ducks succeed! Come see us to discuss career strategies. Feel free to call and make an appointment with our International Career Adviser, Bart Kassel, or give us a call at 541-346-3235.