Companies seeking to build their management talent pools work to develop future leaders through real world responsibility and ownership. As such, students looking to work in management are wise to choose companies like Enterprise that offer management training (MT) programs. The benefits of MT programs for students and employers are clear: a corporate culture that emphasizes respect and growth opportunities for employees will lead to success.

As management trainees at Enterprise, employees immerse themselves in a hands-on approach that includes:

  • Core basics of what it takes to manage a multi-million dollar business  
  • The opportunity to build a business without the financial investment undertaken by many new business owners
  • An innovative solution for Enterprise to match its management needs with a talent pool of college graduates
  • Clear-cut path to leadership opportunities

The building blocks for success in the Enterprise MT program include:

  • Learning and applying business fundamentals that help managers become successful
  • Mastered customer service skills
  • Sales, marketing strategies, business, and finance
  • Ample time honing management skills by leading real teams across many facets of the business
  • A complete program that is designed to develop all the elements needed for building successful leaders
  • Clear growth opportunities and rewarding career experience
  • Internal promotions to retain leaders

MT programs like those offered by Enterprise have become a model of success for companies around the globe to prepare college graduates for not only entry-level roles but also their careers.

College graduates interested in management can benefit by placing themselves in a fast-track MT program like the one offered by Enterprise while they build key relationships and skills needed for success. It’s a mutually beneficial strategy for employers as well as college graduates who want to work for companies that offer clear growth opportunities and a rewarding career experience.   

Make sure to connect with Enterprise during Career Fair week to apply for their management trainee program.

Always know the Career Center is here to help you succeed! If you have any questions please feel free to make an appointment with one of our counselors at 220 Hendricks Hall or call us at 541-346-3235. We would love to help!

Marie Artim, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Enterprise Holdings