Elliott Tran is a senior majoring in journalism and economics. During her time in college, she managed to secure four internships, two research assistantships, and two student worker positions.

Create a Graduation Guide

Planning out your college career can help you think thoughtfully about what you want out of your time there. If you don’t know where to start with a graduation guide, reaching out to a career or academic advisor can be very helpful.

My personal guide to graduation is a spreadsheet consisting of a four-year academic plan as well as potential internships and volunteering opportunities. This tool has not only helped me organize my thoughts, but has also helped me reflect on my progress! 

Stay Connected with Campus

Attending a speaker series, professional networking event or club meeting can help build your network. I’ve heard plenty of stories of guest speakers extending unlisted internships to UO students who made an effort to connect. 

There are amazing events and activities happening on campus every week, but many aren’t well advertised. Be on the look out for such opportunities by checking departmental event calendars and by paying attention to bulletin boards around campus. 

Find a Mentor

Having a mentor can be extremely helpful in times of stress, confusion, and uncertainty. My mentors have helped with some of the biggest decisions I’ve made in college. Their wisdom and support has been vital to my success.

Do you have someone you admire professionally? How about a professor who taught a class you really enjoyed? Reach out to them. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to lend you a helping hand. 

I still remember how nervous I was when I first stepped foot on campus four years ago. Now, I’m graduating in less than a month! My biggest piece of advice to my fellow UO students is to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. College is a great time to start thinking about your career, but you won’t really know what you want without doing things you’re afraid of.

by Elliott Tran

If you would like to make a career advising appointment, call Career Center Portland at 503-412-3701 or email us at careerpdx@uoregon.edu.