The UO Career Center held Spring Career Fair Week during the first week of May. We organized Diversity Career Night and hosted over 100 employers that engaged with our Ducks and conducted interviews on-campus.

PacificSource, a proud Career Center partner committed to hiring Ducks, brought Emmanuel Quansah, Data Analytics Specialist, to engage with students. Quansah was an international student in college and offered career tips to students.

Quansah’s Tips for Résumés

  • Match the company’s values
  • Write down technical skills that the company needs
  • Create different résumés if you are applying to different types of positions

What About International Students?

  • Be open-minded with the options
  • Apply to more than one position in a company
  • Apply to more companies than the domestic students

Learn more about PacificSource here.

Oregon Community Credit Union is another partner committed to hiring Ducks. Kim Slaughter, the Human Resources Specialist and Recruiter, gave advice to students and talked about the importance of shared values and finding your fit.

Slaughter’s Tips

  • Find a company that has the same values as you
  • Start with entry-level positions, especially if you don’t know what you want yet
  • Grow yourself within the company for your long-term career goals
  • Try experiences to know what you want or don’t want to do

Oregon Community Credit Union hire people with different majors and offers various positions. Learn more about them here.

Amica Mutual Insurance Company volunteered to review students’ résumés before Career Fair Day. Ben Mello, the Claim Department Adjustment, shared what the company was looking for.

Mellos’s Tips for Impressing Employers

  • Show your soft skills, such as being a people person and coachable
  • Impress employers with your good personality because it cannot be taught
  • Have a simple résumé so employers will focus on the skills and experiences without having other distractions
  • Some jobs and companies care more about personability than specific majors

Find out more about Amica Mutual Insurance here.

Other companies that participated were Qualtrics, Foresters, Enterprise, Yahoo, KMPG, Nike, Sherman Williams and more. All of these companies have great management training programs that will help set you up for success.

Always know the Career Center is here to help you succeed! If you have any questions please feel free to make an appointment with one of our counselors at 220 Hendricks Hall or call us at 541-346-3235. We would love to help!

By Sonia Herman, Employer Relations Intern