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UO Duck Patrick Millegan Creates Strategic Campaign to win Internship at


Patrick MilleganAfter learning of the internship competition, senior Patrick Millegan hopped in a car and traveled the 600 miles down to Palo Alto California to show the team what he could do and why he should win the internship.

Without any appointment he showed up at the office, knocked on the door and told him how excited he was about this opportunity. The marketing manager was impressed with how quickly Millegan developed and executed his strategy to win. By the end of his visit, he successfully had each available member of the team voting for him.

Since first starting this campaign, he has documented his whole experience on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In fact, the team at saw the video of him outside the office before he knocked on the door and knew he was coming.

He has used social media as an outlet to make new connections and showcase his talents. Millegan is currently in the top 5% of the competition.

Millegan is a senior at the University of Oregon pursing a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Multimedia. He is a marketing intern for The Duck Store, Leasing Consultant for Horizon Realty Advisors and manages the online presence for three start-up companies.  

For students seeking out a job or internship he says, “the two words informational interview and a smile can get you into any office.”

This summer, he hopes to be one of five college students will have the chance to win a paid internship with The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, AOL Video or the AOL events team. currently has seven million users and “points people to everything you do, all around the web.”

Millegan calls an online business card and finds it useful for people on the web.

Click the links below to visit his online presence, but most of all click here to vote for him and visit his page. Voting ends on 4/22, and you can vote every day until then. If you would like to sign up to get daily reminders, please click here.
If you would like to see more pictures from the trip, click here.
Good luck in the competition, Patrick!
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