We must believe in ourselves to further our careers as women. In order to develop this sense of empowerment, sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. Once you begin promoting yourself with confidence and power, you will start to believe in yourself.

On March 1, UO Portland celebrated National Women’s History Month by gathering around 200 professionals to learn how to further enhance their careers through confidence and negotiation. Our guest speaker was UO Alumni Jessica J. Williams.

Jessica gave us three simple steps that we can start using now to negotiation in a professional way:

  • Change your mindset, believe what you set out to do.
  • Prepare
  • Strategize

The right mindset must come first. If you shift your internal thinking, your outer world will shift too. You can change what is going on around you by just shifting your mindset.

Jessica is a 2013 University of Oregon graduate with a master’s degree from UO Portland’s Strategic Communications program. She also runs the business Superwoman Project; its mission is to put more women in positions of leadership around the world by empowering the individual. “I work with women on things like negotiating their salary, and I work on the system by helping women pave the pathways for leadership internally in the company.” Lack of confidence is the main reason why women don’t negotiate their salaries. Jessica aims to fix this.

Watch a clip from our Women’s Round Table Event in Portland.

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