Many employers came to the University of Oregon for fairs and events to hire and connect with our Ducks. They shared their thoughts about what they’re looking for from UO students. We gathered five quotes from our wonderful employers and asked them “what catches your attention from students at the fair?” 

Here is what they shared:

1. Ask Specific Questions

Krage also said, “Do research about [the] company, and have question about the company…find out about the company culture, growth opportunity. Come with specific question, rather than some generic ones.” Showing that you are knowledgeable about the company by asking specific questions shows that you have interest in the company, which can put you ahead of the competition.

2. Great Attitude

Mike Jaquith from Northwestern Mutual told me, “To be honest, I don’t look at their resume that much, I mostly make decision based on my conversation with them.” This proves that having a positive attitude is very important in career fair settings; be engaged, show curiosity!

3. Growth Mindset

Mike Gallegos, from the investing firm, SVN Bluestone & Hockley, mentioned that, “more often than not, hard work is more of a determining factor of success than just raw talent.” Prove to the employer that you want to improve yourself and the company, rather than listing too many facts about yourself without details. Show them that you are a learner and open to new challenges. These days, it’s an advantage to be flexible.

4. Dress Professionally 

Foresters Assistant VP and Assistant Branch Manager, Robert Krage, mentioned that, first and foremost is appearance, or “dress to impress.” The way we dress speaks of who we are. Dressing nicely for events, such as career fairs or interviews show respect for the employers, not to mention that this is their first impression of you!

5. Ambition

Gallegos also added, “The drive and mental tenacity to engage a long term goal that requires delayed gratification. It takes time and consistency to build a ground swell of successful activity.” Show your ambition, and drive to be successful; no one else is going to do it for you.

Always know the Career Center is here to help you succeed! If you have any questions on any of these topics please feel free to call and make an appointment with one of our career counselors! We would love to help! 541-346-3235

by Sonia Herman (Employer Relations Intern)