There are many reasons to get a job while you’re in college. Whether you need one to pay your tuition, want extra spending money, or just want to gain skills, there’s no question that getting a job is a great idea. Read on for some of the benefits for getting a job on campus.

1. Make money

We’re going to lead with this, because that’s a huge benefit to working! Not only will you bring home a paycheck, but you’ll also be earning a decent pay. With a few exceptions, all student on-campus jobs pay at least minimum wage (currently $10.25 an hour).

2. Convenience

No need to examine bus schedules, beg your roommate for a ride, or convince your family that you need a car on campus so you can get to a job across town—when you work on campus, you’ll be a walk, bike or shuttle ride away from work.

3. Flexibility

On-campus employers can typically offer consistent work schedules, and they are always based on your class schedule. Since they’re in-tune with campus life, they know about busy times of the year for students, like during midterms and before finals, and can often adjust your shifts if you’re stressed about a paper or test.

4. Learn more about campus

Working on-campus immerses you in the higher education culture around UO. You’ll learn about the department you’re working for, how they collaborate with other departments, and what their overall role is here. While you’re at it, you’ll probably learn about more events, activities, and initiatives taking place, and find new ways to get involved.

5. Gain valuable experience

A job isn’t just something to put on your résumé—it’s an opportunity to learn new skills that you’ll be able to utilize in future work experiences. If you’re not sure of how your job as a barista or office assistant will help you in your future career, come see us—we’re experts at identifying transferable skills!

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Make sure to balance your job with school and personal health (sleeping enough, eating well, etc.). Working on campus is a valuable experience, but your education and mental and physical health should always come first.

We are always here to help you earn a meaningful, balanced job. Stop by the Career Center at 220 Hendricks Hall or give us a call at 541-346-3235.