The first proving ground for future Marine Officers is Officer Candidates School (OCS).  OCS is our paid leadership internship in Quantico, VA that is attended for two six week periods during your summer vacation or one ten week period during your summer.  The mission of OCS is to train, screen and evaluate candidates, who must demonstrate a high level of leadership potential and commitment to success in order to earn a commission. OCS training will be more demanding than any you've experienced before. Officer candidates are evaluated on leadership, academics and physical training. To become an officer, you must excel at all three. The harder you push yourself, the more you will accomplish. You will be challenged as a leader, and learn that the success of your team is as important as your own.  Succeed at OCS and you will earn the opportunity to accept a commission as a Marine Officer, along with the rank, authority and responsibility that go with it.  Typical positions available are pilots, both rotary and fixed wing, law, and  the 'ground option' that encompasses such diverse fields as Infantry Officer, Supply Officer, Communication Officer, Fiscal Officer and Ground Intelligence Officer among others.

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