Who We Are

The International Student Career Alliance (ISCA) is a group of University of Oregon students and staff who work to support international students in developing the awareness, confidence, skills, and strategies for meaningful career development. We focus on: communication and outreach, on-campus employment access and readiness, career and professional development education, access to Optional Practical Training (OPT) employers, professional and cross-cultural networking and experiential learning, and on- and off-campus community education and engagement.

Career Empowerment Program

Designed by the International Student Career Alliance, the Career Empowerment Program (CEP) is intended for international students who are seeking an influential on-campus work experience. Participants take part in a four-week career shadow where they explore U.S. work culture, develop job skills, build self-confidence in English, and improve their chances of obtaining a job or internship in the future.

Career Empowerment Program

Career Readiness Certificate

The Career Readiness Certificate program is an intensive career preparation program. You will engage in small group workshops, learn from career and international student specialists, and receive specialized career coaching. Topics covered in this program include: international student job market, work authorization, personal brand, résumés and cover letters, job search resources, networking, and interviewing.

Career Readiness Certificate Program