Market Yourself, Sell Your Brand

So you've completed an internship, or maybe you were promoted to supervisor at your on-campus job. How can you turn that experience into your next career move? Presenting your accomplishments in the right way will help you get to the next step. From tailoring a resume to landing the perfect summer job to brushing up on your interview skills before you apply to graduate school, the University Career Center is here to help you highlight your achievements and learn to market yourself during your job search.

According to the career management firm BH Careers International, about 80% of jobs are never posted publicly. So how do you find those jobs? Networking. The University Career Center can connect you to employers and Ducks in the professional world who can help you learn and build your own network.


Establish Your Flock

There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about what it means to build a network. Networking is the art of being curious about others and their work. The relationships you develop through a network can shape your career and help you find new opportunities and experiences.

Be Curious

Focus on genuinely getting to know people, asking them questions, and learning how their experiences and passions got them where they are.

Be Prepared

Think of answers to common questions that will highlight your skillsets and interests so that people can get to know what you're about.

Give It Time

Great networks aren't made overnight. It takes time and effort to gain connections and maintain them. Focus on making connections and results will follow.

Who Do You Know?

Start by thinking about who you already have in your network. Then consider how those people can help you develop professionally and add to your network.

Set up Informational Interviews

This is a valuable way for you to ask questions and learn more from a professional. This isn't a regular interview, but a way to learn more about an industry.

Stay Connected

After you have made a connection, it is important to maintain it by continuing the conversation by email, LinkedIn, or other professional methods.

Career Fairs

Every term, the University Career Center hosts dozens of organizations looking to recruit Ducks for our career fairs. These large events are the perfect opportunity to network with potential employers, ask questions about specific fields or industries, and apply for jobs and internships on the spot. Many employers use the day after a career fair to interview UO students, so make sure you bring copies of your résumé!