Between papers, part-time jobs, study groups, and class time, finding a spare day to travel for interviews can be hard. That's why the Career Center brings employers to campus every term. 

How to Participate in On-Campus Interviews:

  1. Log in to Handshake.
  2. Select “On-Campus Interviews," then “All Upcoming Interviews”.
  3. Browse the list and choose an employer to interview with.
  4. Submit your résumé and any other required material before the deadline through Handshake under “My Account”, then “My Documents."
  5. Prepare for the interview by attending our workshops, career counseling, and reading up on the organization you are applying to.
  6. The time, place, and interviewer are all listed under the job posting in Handshake. Arrive to your interview 10–15 minutes early in professional attire with extra copies of your résumé.

Failure to attend your interview will result in suspension of your interviewing privileges and your removal from all other scheduled interviews.

On-Campus Interviews Student Policies and Procedures

All aspects of the On-Campus recruiting program can be managed from your Handshake account in the My Account section. On-campus recruiting policies are designed to ensure students meet their recruitment commitments they make through Handshake.

No-Show Policy

You will be considered a “no-show” if you:

  1. Cancel a scheduled interview less than 24-hours before the interview time and do not provide adequate notice to the employer and career services.
  2. Do not show up for a scheduled interview.

Missing a scheduled interview with an employer or not giving adequate cancellation notice reflects poorly on UO students, the Career Center, and the UO as a whole. If you cannot keep a scheduled interview appointment, it is very important to cancel the interview by calling the Career Center or employer directly as soon as possible—no less than 24-hours prior to the interview. By not showing up for your scheduled interview, you have wasted our interviewer’s vital time and have taken up an interview slot that otherwise could have gone to another student. Such behaviors could ultimately cause employers to suspend recruiting at the UO.

A missed scheduled interview will also result in suspension of upcoming and future scheduled interviews through Handshake. To reactivate and unblock your Handshake account the following steps must be taken:

  • E-mail a note of apology to the recruiter explaining why you missed the interview and copy Tina Haynes, UO Career Center On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator. Employer contact information may be obtained through Handshake or you may contact Tina Haynes, 541-346-6006.
  • Upon receipt of the e-mail clearly indicating employer was e-mailed, students will regain access to Handshake.

Additional Information

Honesty and Integrity

Represent yourself honestly in all aspects of the hiring process. If at any time, it comes to our attention that you are misrepresenting yourself in any way, disciplinary action will be taken.

Don't meet employer requirements?

If you don't meet an employer's requirements (listed in description page), you may contact the On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator to discuss options.

What to do before the interview:

  • Attend employer information sessions (some of these are mandatory) or tabling opportunities
  • Check-in with Career Center receptionist 10 minutes before your interview time
  • Dress appropriately for your interview (each employer and industry has their own expectations for appropriate interview attire)

What to do after the interview:

  • Send a thank you note to the recruiter that interviewed you.
  • Employers are encouraged provide interview feedback to the Career Center; you will receive an e-mail indicating if the employer did provide interview feedback and requesting you to schedule an appointment with a Career Center advisor to receive the feedback.

Practice Interview Program

Students that participate in the Practice Interview Program must adhere to all On-Campus Interviewing policies and procedures.