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UO Campus, Eugene OR
Monday, June 25, 2018
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We are open: 4-7 Mon.-Thurs and 12-5 Friday

The primary objective of a BA 101 Tutor is to provide assistance to currently enrolled BA 101 students throughout their experience with the Foundation™ web simulation. Tutors provide support through these stages of the Foundation process.
• Registration and "company name" assignments
• Introductory Lesson
• Rehearsal Simulation
• Practice Rounds (2)
• Official Rounds (8)

In addition, tutors are expected to be familiar with course content from "Introduction to Business" course and provide guidance for students as they prepare for the six online quizzes that occur throughout the term.

Scheduled Work Hours:
Tutors are expected to commit to a weekly work schedule. Flexibility is required as the demand for additional tutors hours may increase as the term progresses.

BA 101 Tutor candidates are expected to have:
• Received a grade of a "B+" or better in BA 101.
• Completed a successful Foundation experience achieving 88% of the performance points or better.
• Strong verbal skills.
• The demonstrated ability to "coach and teach" rather than just "tell".

Once these requirements are satisfied, a face-to-face interview is the final step in the selection process.

Contact Marianne Rosen-Murr if you are interested in applying to be a BA 101 Tutor. or (541) 346-3494 or Stop in to the office and chat.

Location: 370 Lillis Business Complex

Federal Work Study or
UO Work Study Funds Needed to Apply