The Zingaro Inc.
Food & Beverage
Employer Website:
Eugene, Oregon
Sunday, June 17, 2018
Pay Type: 
30 hours per term/per credit

The Zingaro is a local family owned business with locations at The Beergarden and the kitchen at Tap & Growler with off-site catering. We specialize in gourmet comfort food and quality customer experience. Due to business growth, we are looking for a student intern to help with our business marketing, advertising, and possible graphic design.

A junior or senior level student majoring in any areas pertaining to the internship i.e. business, marketing, advertising, graphic design, etc. would be an ideal candidate. Preferred applicants will have completed courses or have experience in the above areas.
The internship hours would be dependent on how many academic credits (from the UO) the applicant wishes to receive. For 1 academic credit, the intern will have to have completed 30 hours of work in the term, about 3 hours a week. We are offer 1-4 credit internships (30-120 hours per term or 3-12 hours a week).

If you are interested in learning more about the internship, have any questions, or are ready to apply please email with your resume, unofficial transcript, and contact information.