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Saturday, October 13, 2018
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The Supportive Services Department (SS) includes all case management, counseling or medical services provided on site here at the Eugene Mission.

All SS interns are supervised by the Director of Social Services & Counseling who is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and we have an MSW on staff who can supervise MSW interns. We have limited opportunities to work with couples and families and therefore do not offer internships for Masters of Marriage (Couples) & Family Therapy students.

Opportunities for a Case Management Internships are limited to individuals with a degree, working towards a degree or have comparative experience as a case manager.

o Graduate Level – These interns work in both Case Management and Clinical Counseling respectively after serving in Guest Services to gain understanding of the population we serve. We have a MSW on site who can supervise if school approves.

o Post Graduate Level – Similar to their graduate level counterparts, these interns can work in both Case Management and Clinical Counseling to complete their licensure hours at the discretion of the SS Director. Post Graduate Social Work (MSW) will need to find additional supervision off-site per the requirements toward licensure.

o Undergraduate Level – We offer an initial experience at the Eugene Mission for undergraduate interns working with our Guest Services team. No less than two terms at this level is required for interns to be considered for advancement to the Supportive Services team. A year commitment is required to work alongside our Social Service team in the capacity of Case Manager Assistant. We have a limited number of administrative positions on the Supportive Services Team and also require a year commitment.

To intern in this department, interns must have a degree, working towards a degree or comparative experience in the social service to intern. We welcome post-graduate interns in social work who have licensure hours to complete as well.

A minimum of a 6 month commitment is required for any internship with this department.

At the undergrad level, the pre-requisite for Social Services Internships at the Eugene Mission is two quarterly internships as a Wellness Center intern working in the centers and similar experience.

A qualified applicant will be a engaging and comfortable with clients from all walks of life. Preferred: experience with the homeless population and addiction recovery.

The Internship Application can be found on our website – Once received, you’ll be invited to attend an Orientation Tour of our facilities and speak with the Internship Program Coordinator. Please bring or email ahead of time . . .
• A cover letter introducing your personality and interests
• A current resume detailing your skills, training, work and volunteer experience
• Any internship requirements from your academic institution

Once the Internship Program Coordinator determines that you would be a good fit for our organization and what department(s) you’ll be working with, an interview will be scheduled with the manager of that department. Assuming you are a good fit for that department and team, the Internship Program Coordinator or department manager will discuss schedule.