UO Accessible Education Center
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Eugene OR
Friday, August 31, 2018
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The Accessible Education Center (AEC) is dedicated to facilitating access and full inclusion of students with disabilities into the university environment.

The AEC is currently hiring for the position of Computer-Based Notetaker.
**This posting is to create a pool of applicants. As openings occur, successful applicants will be contacted to determine availability.**

Computer-Based Notetaking (CBN) is an accommodation provided by the AEC to eligible UO students. Computer-based notetakers attend university classes and type notes on a laptop for the student taking the class.
Hours are variable and based on students’ class schedules.
**While applicants from all majors will be considered, we are especially interested in applicants majoring in STEM fields and/or with significant proficiency in foreign languages, especially Spanish and French.**

Responsibilities of the computer-based notetaker include:
• Attending each class session and taking clear, detailed notes of the lecture.
• Editing notes after class and sending them to students as an email attachment within 24 hours. AEC will pay for one half hour of editing time per class per week.
• Computer-based notetakers are not expected to provide any additional services to the students receiving notes. Computer-based notetakers are not tutors nor do they assist with homework or preparing for exams.
• Handling confidential information

• Availability according to students' class schedule
• GPA of 3.25 or higher
• Ability to type 55 words per minute or more
• Excellent written communication skills
• Punctual and professional
• A strong interest in working with diverse populations of students

AEC student employment application forms are available at the Accessible Education Center located in 164 Oregon Hall or via email to aecnotetaking@uoregon.edu.

• AEC student employment application form
• Résumé
• Your current term availability
• A copy of class notes you consider indicative of your notetaking skills (DO NOT submit notes which may reveal confidential information)

Return all application documents to the AEC front desk in Oregon Hall 164 or to aecnotetaking@uoregon.edu. **Applications submitted without all required application documents may be rejected.**
Questions should be directed to Jeff Jaech at aecnotetaking@uoregon.edu.

Application review and interviews will occur at least once a month.