Jerome School District
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Jerome, Idaho
Saturday, September 1, 2018
34,600 - 53,675
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Monday - Friday

 Work with students on a group or individual basis in the solution of personal problems such as home and family relations, health and emotional adjustment, academics, and attendance.
 Remain readily available to students so as to provide counseling that will help lead each student to increased personal growth, self understanding, maturity and success in school (including attendance, academics and career planning as appropriate).
 Obtain and disseminate occupational information to students both individually and in classrooms setting as appropriate including:
 Counseling and guiding students and parents in the use of test results for career planning,
 The organization of career information by various methods including a "Career Day"
 Making available information regarding college, military and life style decisions.
 Work with teachers and staff members to familiarize them with the general range of services offered by the student personnel services department and work to infuse the counseling activities into the regular education curricula.
 Train teacher in writing 4 year plans for 8th grade student as appropriate.
 Conduct counseling activities in the classroom in conjunction with administration and teachers.
 Respond to crisis situations when appropriate.
 Refer severe problems to appropriate community resources
 Complete appropriate reporting requirements in a timely manner.
 Evaluate and suggest revisions to the building counseling program, as needed.
 Any other duties as directed by the Building Administrator

 Valid Idaho Certificate with appropriate endorsement for this position.
 Previous experience in counseling preferred.
 Organizational and leadership skills.
 High-level communication skills including individual and group skills in mediation, consensus, and problem solving when working with staff, students and patrons.
 Ability to work under pressure and deadlines.
 Ability to perform duties in accordance with general educational ethical requirements of the Jerome School District and the State Department of Education

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