University of Oregon - Department of Psychology
Kuhl Lab, Institute of Neuroscience
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Eugene, OR
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6 to 10

In the Kuhl Lab, we study how the brain enables our ability to remember and the factors that underlie our tendency to forget. We are interested in how our perceptual experiences are transformed into memories and how we recreate these experiences when we remember. Research in the lab utilizes behavioral and neuroimaging methods, including EEG and fMRI. How do we bring past events back to mind? Why do some memories endure while others fade? Our research addresses the cognitive and neural mechanisms that guide and shape our memories. We are a lab in the Psychology Department at the University of Oregon. Learn more about the research, people, and opportunities within the lab.

The Kuhl lab is looking for several motivated undergraduate students to assist in data collection for behavioral and electroencephalography (EEG) experiments of human memory. In addition to assisting with data collection, activities may include assisting with subject recruitment, generating stimuli for experiements, testing out new experiments and, for students with sufficient expertise, assisting with data analysis and programming.

RA positions are available immediately. A two-term commitment is preferred and RAs who are interested in longer-term involvement are encouraged to apply. The work schedule is flexible (generally weekdays between 9 to 5), but will change from week to week. A commitment of 6 to 10 hours per week is preferred. RAs can either volunteer or receive credit. One credit = 3 hours of expected work.

Preferable first year to junior year research assistants who have an interest in cognitive psychology/neuroscinece and are considering going to graduate school. However, we welcome applications for all interested individuals.

Programming experience (MatLab, Python) is a plus and would allow RAs to work on data analysis tasks.

Please send a resume and cover letter detailing your qualifications and expressing interest in the position to Professor Brice Kuhl at in email Subject Line: Research Assistant Application.

For additional resources on developing or fine tuning your resume (CV) and cover letter, visit UO Career Center site: