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POSITION CLOSED. Applications are no longer being accepted.

The Libuda Lab studies how DNA is accurately repaired during sperm and egg development.

Double strand DNA breaks (DSBs), potentially catastrophic events, occur during both mitosis and meiosis and must be repaired to maintain genomic stability. The inaccurate repair of DSBs contributes to the development and progression of cancer. During meiosis, DSBs are intentionally induced, and their formation and repair occur under precise regulation both to restore genome integrity prior to cell division and to promote proper chromosome segregation. Meiotic errors in chromosome segregation contribute to miscarriages, stillbirths, and birth defects. While repair of DSBs with the appropriate chromosome template (homolog) is necessary for genomic integrity, very little is known as to how germ cells achieve this repair template preference in the presence of other potential templates with nearly identical sequences (sister chromatids).

To understand how chromosomes are able to access distinct DNA repair templates and pathways depending on chromosomal and cellular context, the Libuda Lab combines genetic, cytological, molecular, and biochemical methods in the Caenorhabditis elegans model system.

Starting Winter 2018, the Libuda Lab has available positions for undergraduates to participate in our research program in a variety of ways: 1) independent research (ideal for those interested in pursuing an honors thesis); 2) research project support (helping a postdoc, graduate student, or technician with their experiments); or, 3) general lab support. Engagement in any of these activities is based on student's goals, interests, and time commitment.

All dedicated and motivated students are encouraged to apply, but we particularly encourage students who are majoring in Biology, Biochemistry, or General Science to apply.

The position requires a minimum commitment of 4 hours/week.

Please send a resume and cover letter detailing your qualifications and expressing your interest in the position to Professor Diana Libuda at Note in the email Subject Line: Research Assistant Position.

For additional resources on developing or fine tuning your resume (CV) and cover letter, visit UO Career Center site: